Phase IV

Phase IV is the legislative advocacy work following the first three events. We drafted a Senate Bill – Senate Bill 900 – that was introduced to the Senate Judiciary Committee.  The method we used to carry out Phase IV began with us putting together packages of information to present to the Senate and House committees that would eventually hear the bill. Some of the information contained in the packages was profiles of three individuals serving parole eligible life sentences who were in the work release and family leave programs. (We also presented testimony on three individuals released who served life sentences.) Senator Nathaniel McFadden introduced the bill, SB-900 in February. On March 13 Ms. Burnett, Ms. Lea, Ms. Morrow, and I went to Annapolis and delivered these packages to each Senate and House committee office. In some cases we were able to speak with a Senator or Delegate.

We went to Annapolis Monday March 23, for a Rally and information briefing, We were back in Annapolis on Wednesday March 25, for SB-900’s hearing. Senator McFadden introduced the bill, and Former Delegate Clarence ‘Tiger’ Davis testified in support of it. Ms. Burnett, Ms. Lea, Ms. Morrow, and I represented MRJI. Ms. Mary Brown-Bey and Mr. Michael Austin testified to their successful transition back into society since their release from prison, and why there is no reason to believe that others can not do the same. A number of others testified in favor of the legislation.

Phase IV Historical Documents 

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