Phase II

The  purpose of Phase II of our initiative, in conjunction with Morgan State University’s Department of Social Work, was to convene family members and friends, the general public, and other interested organizations for an all day conference. This conference was held on Saturday September 20. 2008 from 8:30 am-3 pm at Morgan State University in the Murphy Fine Arts Center. During that event, we presented our legislative and policy ideas, registered new voters, conducted a voter initiative for family members and friends to learn how to vote for their incarcerated loved ones, and develop a database of supporters and family members for our legislative initiative as we move into the 2009 Legislative session. Approximately 75-80 people attended the conference throughout the day, not as many family members and friends as we had hoped, but we were effective in getting our message out, and from the response we received,  it will be carried long and far. Twelve volunteers signed up to assist us with the database, filing, and answering letters offering their full and continued support.

Phase II Historical Documents

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