House Bill 846

E2 8lr2656

SB 694/17 JPR CF SB 249

By: Delegates Queen, Anderson, Conaway, Dumais, Gibson, Gutierrez, Hayes, Hill,

Kelly, J. Lewis, Moon, Morales, Proctor, Sanchez, Sydnor, Tarlau, and


Introduced and read first time: February 2, 2018

Assigned to: Judiciary


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Guest Commentary:Remove Politics from the Parole Process

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SB-249 Inmates-Life Imprisonment- Parole Reform


Inmates-Life Imprisonment- Parole Reform

This legislation is not about challenging this governors authority, nor his willingness to seek a solution to this existing problem. It is about the changing landscape of our criminal justice system, and facing the reality of those changes. When this body passed the 180 days statute in 2011, we all felt that it was a step in the right...

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SB0249 Inmates - Life Imprisonment - Parole Reform

Talking Points:

Profiles in Courage/Collateral Consequence

Testimony on Senate Bill

ACLU Lawsuit: Juvenile Life Sentences Unconstitutional

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